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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Magnetic Clasp Bracelet - Your Jewelry Fits Right And Stays Secure

The good thing about a magnetic clasp bracelet is that you put it on and it stays on. Since you're most likely aiming to treat some muscle, joint and tendon problems in your arms and wrists, it's only fair that you look for one bracelet that fits right and stays secure. There are several varieties available today at designated shops and jewelers. Here's how to find the right piece for you.

The Magnetic Clasp

The clasp of the bracelet itself is magnetic and can give anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 gauss as needed by the wearer. You may also choose to increase the strength of the magnetic field by adding more magnets to the design or choosing a larger clasp. The clasps usually are equipped with safety snap to make sure that your jewelry stays on as needed without any risk of accidental snapping or losing. The mechanism is very convenient since you can easily take off the bracelet if you're taking a shower or going for a swim although everything usually is waterproof.

There are different types of magnetic clasps available depending on the style and design you need. Lobster and spring clasps are very traditional which has an adjustable hooking device that snaps on a loop or ring at the opposite end of the bracelet. These are harder to close however since fixing the lobster or spring requires steady small fingers with semi-grown nails. Newer models use a quick and easy latch-on mechanism wherein a rigged portion of one end of the bracelet perfectly fits and locks onto the miniature bars uniquely set at the opposite end. These are all magnetized as well so you get to double the security as the two opposite ends attract to each other.

Can the Clasps Heal?

Magnetic therapy or the use of magnetic bracelets and other jewelry for the purpose of pain and inflammation relief has been quite popular in recent years. First and foremost, magnetic clasps are not intended to medically treat individuals with chronic problems in their muscles and joints. The magnetic clasp bracelets specifically are intended to help hold the ends of the jewelry in addition to the clasp mechanism for added security. Take note that strengths of the magnetic clasps are kept only at minimal or regular intensities so that they merely attract to each other. The size of the clasps is also relatively small to produce any significant effects on affected areas.

The Real Healing Magnets

It would be a better idea to introduce solid magnetic materials that have higher strengths and can cover a broader area if you expect results. Gold, silver, copper, stainless steel and titanium are the usual metals that are magnetized with magnetic fields ranging as much as 20,000 to 30,000 gauss. Hematite beads are also said to have positive magnetic effects. You will see a variety of designs featuring these metals together with magnetic clasps. Basically, the magnetic clasp is very affordable and you can get these for as low as $4.50 depending on the design and material.

Too Much Magnet

There are no known side effects on applying very high amounts of magnetic force to your body. Just be sure that you keep other sensitive items like watches and compasses away. People with metal pins and plates surgically placed inside their bodies should consult their doctor first before application. A magnetic clasp bracelet is intended to add security to the piece so that it stays in place for as long as you expect it to. You may also find cheap materials like plastic, wooden and glass beads, silicone and other plastics made into bracelets but still using magnetic clasps to make them very easy and secure to wear.

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Magnetic Jewelery

In recent times, a number of alternative treatments to medical conditions have been developed, which are being used by a lot of people. One example of this is the introduction of eastern medical practices and medications to the West. Other examples include different types of therapy that do not use the traditional equipment and medications that Western medicine has developed. One such example is magnet therapy, which claims to be very effective in treating different kinds of pain on the different parts of the body.

How does magnet therapy work?

Magnet therapy works under the assumption that magnets are effective in dilating blood vessels that could lead to a better blood flow and other effects. Some of these effects include an increase in the oxygenation of the blood and the increased flushing out of harmful toxins from the body. It is then claimed that these effects alleviate pain because there are certain types of pain that are caused by the restriction of blood vessels such as headaches, and the accumulation of toxins on certain areas of the body. Usually, this type of therapy is administered by placing magnets on the areas in which a person is experiencing pain. However, this may not be always applicable as this therapy involves that a magnet be placed on an area for a long period of time, which busy people cannot afford to do.

Magnetic jewelry

In response to the need to have a way of placing a magnet on the area where there is pain, proponents of this therapy have developed magnetic jewelry, which people can wear on the area where they are experiencing pain. One example of this is a magnetic necklace, which is believed to be effective in alleviating certain types of pain that people may experience on their upper bodies, including migraines, headaches, neck pains, and back pains. In addition, magnetic bracelets are said to be effective in alleviating pain in the hands, arms and shoulders. Lastly, magnetic anklets are supposed to be able to help alleviate the pain that a person may be feeling on any part of his lower body, which includes his lower back, his knees and his feet.

One type of alternative therapy that has been developed recently is magnet therapy, which utilizes magnets to help alleviate different kinds of pain on the body. However, a new way of administering this therapy has also been developed so that people who use these magnets would be able to do the therapy for the whole day without having to stop working, which is to use magnetic jewelry.

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Magnetic Bracelet Used in Research Study Now in United States

At the end of 2004 results from a study on arthritis patients in the UK was published in the British Medical Journal.

It stated that it had found positive pain reliving results using a magnetic bracelet. This was an independent study, which has been widely reported in publications and on the Internet.

The study did not name the product but it was the Bioflow Magnetic Bracelet that was used and until now it has only been available from sources in Europe. Now it is in the USA for the first time, which gives American consumers a higher level of protection if the product does not live up to expectations.

In the study 194 men and women aged 45 to 80 suffering pain caused by osteoarthritis of the hip and knee were split into three groups.

Two groups were given non-magnetic or low magnetic bracelets. They felt little change in their condition.

But those given a Bioflow magnetic bracelet felt a significant reduction in pain. Changes in pain were recorded using a recognized pain-scoring scale.

No one in the study knew which type of bracelet they were wearing.

The Arthritis Research Campaign of Great Britain funded the study

"Pain from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee does decrease when wearing magnetic bracelets" researchers said. They added "the magnetic bracelet appears to be free of side affects, unlike pain relievers, which are associated with gastrointestinal problems and, for certain drugs, heart attacks and strokes".

"Magnets are appealing because osteoarthritis is a chronic condition for which our treatments are unsatisfactory" Dr Tim Harlow, head of the research team said. "On the strength of the evidence I am prepared to recommend these static magnets to people with osteoarthritis".

The study took place over a 12-week period at Peninsular Hospital, Plymouth, England

The BMJ insists on a high level of integrity in any trial they publish. For full details of the report go to

While the FDA in the United States has not approved the use of static magnets for the relief of magnetic pain they do not warn against it. In a 1999 study of patients it was found 18% had used magnetic or copper devices to relieve pain. It was estimated then that Americans spent $500 million per year on such products making this the second most popular alternative therapy for pain relief after chiropractic.

The FDA goes on to say that in the studies that did find benefits from magnetic therapy, many have shown those benefits very quickly. This suggests that if a magnet does work, it should not take very long for the user to start noticing the effect. Therefore, people may wish to purchase magnets with a 30-day return policy and return the product if they do not get satisfactory results within 1 to 2 weeks.

Given this advice it is understandable Americans would be a little wary about buying the Bioflow magnetic bracelet from a source in Europe. Now there is a company that has a stock in California and is offering a full 90-day money back guarantee.

The company can be contacted through their website at

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Men's Magnetic Bracelets For Power and Pride

Many may think that women are the only ones who can fashionably wear bracelets. Men's magnetic bracelets however, are a vital exception in the sense that they are both stylish and therapeutic. The designs are specifically made for the gentleman's taste. You have the freedom to choose a variety of materials with magnetic forces that supposedly treat physical ailments.

For Men Only

Since men are supposed to be considerably more active than women, they are also prone to various physical problems like wrist and joint pains, muscle spasms and the like. Men's magnetic bracelets come in handy since these are known to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation on the wrist and other nearby areas. The magnets are applied on the affected areas which can treat conditions like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, sore wrists frequently suffered by golf enthusiasts and hand spasms experienced by weekend warriors and stage fathers.

The designs are made from premium quality metals like stainless steel, copper, titanium, gold and silver. These pieces are highly durable and made to withstand external elements like water, rust and dust. Men's magnetic bracelets are made to last for several years since manufacturers are aware that men give sentimental value to their little jewelry. These should never tarnish or fade and must always come with a warranty to prove true worth and durability.

Ruggedly Handsome

There are several designs that specifically cater to the masculine lifestyle. Sporty designs are made of stainless steel or titanium which is also waterproof and do not tarnish or corrode. Men can comfortably wear the lightweight pieces while playing sports or doing outdoor and water activities. The bracelets come with magnetic easy lock clasps that are extra secure so that they do not accidentally slip or break during strenuous movements. Some models include elastic bands wherein the hand can easily slip through without any of the risks that clasps have.

There are also styles that are perfect for casual, semi-formal and formal events. Sabona magnetic bracelets are a good choice for men who intend to invest in jewelry. The item may be made from a combination of expensive metals like gold or titanium together with stainless steel. Men can also choose to customize their bracelets through unique text or pattern engravings. There are also golf magnetic bracelets with highly versatile styles that best suit any occasion. Some designs feature gemstones, Swarovski crystals and even diamonds for more elegance.

Care for the Magnets

Men should still learn how to properly care for their bracelets even though these are very low-maintenance and durable. It is important to avoid placing magnetic jewelry or other magnetically sensitive items near the bracelets. Men may choose to wear the bracelets all year long even when they're taking a shower or sleeping. Simple brushing once every week or two weeks will suffice. Should the bracelet show signs of damage, immediately take it to the dealer for repair.

Men's magnetic bracelets should always come with a money-back guarantee or repair warranty for a given period of time. Remember that the pieces are primarily sold as jewelry or fashionable items so any therapeutic effects regarding magnets are not truly scientifically proven. Millions have reported experiencing significant benefits from wearing magnetic items so men have the option of trying the painless and non-surgical means first. However, these should never replace or substitute any current medication or clinical treatment regimen.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Magnetic Jewelery - New technology for pain relief

The vast majority of people these days have a small ache or pain somewhere in their body which diminishes the quality of their life and of those there is a large portion of people who suffer debilitating pain on a daily basis that severely cuts down on their quality of life. There are numerous causes of this pain, both severe and mild, but there is a group of devices that can help both types of pain. These devices are magnetic jewelry.

Magnetic jewelry can be used for a multitude of purposes due to the fact that there are many different types, for instance bracelets and necklaces among others, and comes in a variety of strengths. Which piece of jewelry you choose and what strength that piece is, is a matter of personal choice. The stronger the magnet the more effective it is likely to be, but this is not guaranteed since different people have different reactions to the magnetic therapy received while wearing this jewelry.

The aim of magnetic jewelry is to provide pain relief through magnetic therapy. The way that magnetic jewelry works is to derestrict the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood circulation and this has a bunch of follow on effects. Some of the consequences of increasing blood flow are the increased level of oxygenation of the blood and the increased flushing out of toxins in the body.

Those are some of the reasons why the pain relief happens; pain is caused by an accumulation of toxins in specific area of your body and this accumulated mass of toxins will be flushed out by the increased level of blood circulation. The other way that magnetic jewelry can help to relieve pain is by derestricting the blood vessels since the restriction of blood vessels can be the cause of certain types of pain, for instance headaches.

The different types of magnetic jewelry can be more effective for different types of pain. Necklaces can help to alleviate pain caused by migraines and headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain as well as potentially alleviating the pain caused by muscle spasms and lock jaw. In addition to this magnetic necklaces can help to increase the mobility and blood circulation with in the area it affects.

Bracelets can help to alleviate pain associated with, tennis elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis and bursitis, as well as helping to alleviate the pains caused by arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The magnetic bracelets can also help to increase circulation, thereby alleviating numbness of the fingers and hands.

Anklets can be of help when it comes to decreasing the levels of pain associated with lower back and knee pain, spurs and inflammation in the legs and feet in addition to helping to alleviate numbness of the legs. There are also the added potential benefits that the magnetic anklet can help by preventing the joints from retaining water, as well as possibly increasing blood flow to the legs and feet and possibly helping to support the lower back.

All of the items of magnetic jewelry will aid you by providing you with magnetic therapy while you wear these pieces of jewelry even while you are going about your daily life. There is also the added bonus that they are stylish and creative pieces of jewelry that will make you look good as well at the same time as being highly beneficial to your health.
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Fun Magical Magnetic Bracelet

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