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Monday, June 16, 2008

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Benefits of Magnetic Jewelery

Our Body and Electromagnetic Fields

Almost everyone made an electromagnet by wrapping a long wire around a nail and connecting it to a battery, but did you know that our bodies are also electromagnetic in nature? Electromagnetics is closely tied to the chemical balance of our body which can be either in a state of health or a state of dis-ease.

When our cells are damaged, there is a positive electrical charge at the site which affects the chemical and electrical balance of our body. This can cause us to feel pain. And because the human body is a wonderful healing machine, it sends a negative electrical charge to the damaged area to effect healing.

A natural way of helping our body's immune system is provided by the Earth's North Pole which is a geomagnetic north pole magnetic field. A negative magnetic field provides pain relief by oxygenating and alkalizing our body's defense systems. Negative magnetic fields also fight infection and inflammation by improving blood circulation so that more oxygen is carried to the cells in the body. Then toxic wasted are flushed out of the body more efficiently and our natural healing processes are enhanced.

Why Use Magnetic Therapy?

Research using magnets has shown therapeutic effects on the joints, nerves, tendons, and muscles as well as pain relief from work- and sports-related injuries. Magnets are effective in dilating blood vessels which could lead to a better blood flow, an increase in the oxygen level of our blood, and a more efficient flushing of harmful toxins from our body. These effects can alleviate certain types of pain such as headaches, which are caused by the restriction of blood vessels and the accumulation of toxins. This type of magnetic therapy is administered by placing magnets over the painful area. But many busy people do not have the time for this therapy because the magnet must stay in place for a long period of time.

Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetic jewelry addresses the need of placing a magnet over a painful area for a long period of time. Two examples are magnetic necklaces and magnetic bracelets. The necklace is believed to be effective is alleviating certain pain in our upper body including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and migraines. Bracelets can be effective in relieving shoulder, arm, and hand pain. Now people who cannot afford to devote a whole day to therapy can use magnetic jewelry.

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The Versatile Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets have been an instant hit since their first appearance some years ago. The fact that they continue to be very popular among kids, teenagers and adults alike can be credited to a variety of factors. These items have shown to be quite handy, useful and stylish as well and there seems to be no end to all the hype in the years to come.

What's With Rubber Bracelets?

Rubber bracelets are made of 100% rubber. There are also variations of these in silicone and gel form. The pieces have been highly favored because of their simple yet attractive nature. Rubber bracelets are highly versatile and durable. These appear as simple wristbands that completely form a full circle wherein the hand can be fitted through easily for wearing. There are so many colors to choose from as well from solid to swirls and meshes.

Since these are made of rubber, you can wear the bracelets anytime and anywhere. Several athletes, cheerleaders and individuals with active lifestyles have conveniently worn the items without any discomfort. The bands are lightweight weighing only a few hundred grams or less. These are non-toxic too so kids can safely wear them all the time. The bracelets are waterproof, do not tarnish or rust and resistant to dust, heat and moisture. You can expect them to last for several years without losing flexibility and color.

You can find standard rubber bracelets at designated stores, online shops and even athletic clubs. You may be lucky to get one for free by joining special events and programs. The pieces given away in these affairs usually have a slogan, logo or caption indicating the particular cause or movement. Wearing the bracelet shows your concern and helps spread the helpful message to any target party or person.

Customizing Fun

Another popular and easy feature that rubber bracelets have is customization. You get to explore your creativity by choosing the colors you want, imprinting original designs and placing text and logos. These are all perfect as party and event favors, sentimental items and freebies. There are thousands of colors to choose from and so many designs available. Manufacturers will most likely provide you with a catalog of all patterns and prints. You may also submit your own original work to be imprinted on the bracelets. Rubber bracelets have been a favorite item among school teams, public programs and family reunions.

The Wholesale Advantage

The bracelets are very cheap and easy to manufacture in the thousands, which is a good thing for wholesalers. You can get a standard rubber wristband for as low as $1 and customizations for $.50 apiece. Buying in bulk will depreciate overall expenses and you get to have special discounts and exemptions from sales tax depending on which state you plan to resell. There is a minimum quantity requirement when buying wholesale but it is a better choice than getting individual pieces. You still have the freedom to customize every single piece as you like without any additional cost as long as you're following manufacturing limits and allotments.

Rubber bracelet manufacturers should provide you with a satisfaction guarantee and replacement warranty for any damaged bracelet. Upon ordering, you may ask for a few sample pieces as well to ensure that you get only the finest quality.

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